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7" Psychodelic Horror #83079

Psychodelic Horror See Larger Images and Variations
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Release Date: April 10, 2020

Reverse print sleeve limited 200 copies only in black vinyl.

01. Death Will Rise
02. Gulity!
03. Horror!
04. Spilling Black Signs
05. Force to Eternity
06. Death Crew

The solo work of Camilo Pierattini AKA Witchfucker, who's more known from the cult-metal institutions Invocation Spells and Dekapited, SIGN OF EVIL are a wild 'n' wasted beast all their own. Blitzed to the nines, the aptly titled Psychodelic Horror indeed bears some semblance of classic South American madness, but with the delirium-inducing, chorus-drenched leads flying fast and free across these six swift-as-fuck songs, SIGN OF EVIL are truly reaching into rarefied territory. One could semi-accurately call it black speed metal, but with elements of early GISM, strange Eastern Bloc metal from the '80s, and ancient Italian occult rock, the 12 teeth-gnashing minutes of this first recording can only be likened to true PSYCHODELIC HORROR!

And this is but a terror-inducing taste of what's to come: SIGN OF EVIL are now signed up with EDGED CIRCLE for their debut album, which will be coming later this fall! ARGH!!!

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